Site Analytics


Analytics is the cornerstone of data-driven marketing. Accurate numbers are the foundation upon which we build every performance strategy. Infrastructure and structure, put correctly into place, tell us what is really happening and create unmissable opportunities for us to measure and improve. Our Analytics solution is the hub of all our clients’ live data: who is reaching their sites?and/or apps, how, why, from where, and what?happens when they’re there.

We ensure we drive business performace, not just media measures.


Deriving insight from ?digital ?audience requires a balance between? business understanding and technical implementation. We take an ?integrated performance approach, joining up ?media, experience and technical teams to ensure? that the data captured? is both accurate and ?supports improvement? activities.?We start by identifying which? measures define? success for the business organisation. That analytical framework will guide not only how the technology? is deployed, but how the data? will be understood and used to deliver value. Having ?configured a new analytics setup, or reviewed and improved an existing deployment, ?we then work with stakeholders to ensure the ?tool(s) are used appropriately. This could be in the form of regular training or dedicated support ?to ?embed insight into the marketing, customer experience or service process.


Our Analytics specialists use empirical data to clearly identify what is working and?what is?not,?and to devise optimisation opportunities that will drive performance. Ultimately, we see Analytics as the first, perhaps most critical, step on the path to digital transformation. Our close partnerships with Google and Adobe, in particular, also mean that our clients can stay ahead of the curve, often?with access to new technology?opportunities?in advance?of the market. As Google Analytics 360 reseller, we have access to?developer resource at Google – the benefits of which can?be immediately passed on to our clients.


  1. Analytics framework definition

    Depending on ?where a client is in their transformation journey, we define a shared? understanding of ?the? measures? which? drive the business. Identifying which of ?these KPIs,?and their associated metrics,?can be affected by technical? changes and marketing optimisation? not only determines how the technology should be deployed, but adds perspective to the data? that is captured.

  2. Technology implementation

    We deploy ?the organisation chosen technology, built on ?our own best practice guidelines and customised to address the requirements defined? within the analytics ?framework.? Working on? location or remotely, our technical experts configure, test? and launch the selected tools.?This can be working alongside in-house resource, or? on full service basis.

  3. Bespoke analytics

    With the correct data captured, we focus on translating this into? impactful analysis. This can involve our specialists working alongside? client teams on a daily ?basis or? helping to set up data visualisation tools which enable marketers to conduct the? insight work themselves.

  4. Training and support

    To get the most value from?analytics?technologies, we provide expert training and technical support to clients ranging from global brands to agile start-ups.?This typically involves building a bespoke curriculum to ensure?all stakeholders within the organisation can use and act upon the insights, especially as teams change and grow.